Aubrey de Grey

1963 - Present


Aubrey de Grey is the Chief Science Officer of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation. He is also a frequent lecturer at Singularity University. His research centers on ways to reverse the aging process through regenerative medicine and repair therapies. He has popularized the term "Methuselarity" which is defined as the point at which our ability to reduce the effects of aging outruns the aging process. At that point, human life expectancy will become almost unlimited. This is different from the "singularity" popularized by Ray Kurzweil, but is related to it in that the singularity once achieved will hasten our progress in science and technologies important to achieve the Methuselarity. One of those technologies is genetic engineering which may be key to reversing aging, although as Aubrey de Grey's research shows, there will be other factors as well. Certainly if the Methuselarity is achieved, it profoundly alters Homo sapiens.

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