Kirkus Reviews

“Simborg travels a wide expanse of scientific and philosophical terrain with astonishing brevity. In order for his book to be accessible to the layperson, he needed to quickly explain concepts surrounding species and natural selection, and he accomplishes this with clarity and the breeziest style that such technical subject matter permits. The author also ably furnishes a minihistory of evolution, appraising the theoretical interpretations of Charles Darwin, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, and Gregor Mendel. Perhaps more impressive, though, is that Simborg’s thesis compels him to take readers on a tour of multiple disciplines, including neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and anthropology. For example, over the course of this work, he thoughtfully discusses and critiques futurist Ray Kurzweil’s predictions regarding the singularity, the moral issues raised by genetic editing, and the difficulty of defining life itself. Even stripped of its provocative hypothesis regarding Homo nouveau, this study supplies a magisterially synoptic introduction to evolutionary science and its sister fields. Furthermore, Simborg’s zeal for scientific explanation doesn’t keep him from being sensitive to abiding mysteries; he concedes a whole host of unanswered questions, including those regarding the genesis of life on Earth: “This book is certainly not finished, and the answers are certainly not resolved. Not a week goes by that I don’t read something newly published that is relevant to the answers…A captivating prediction about the future of mankind.”


“This is an astounding look into where our species has come and where it’s going. It’s both scary and thought-provoking. Simborg masterfully integrates so many different scientific disciplines to draw what is really a fascinating and privileged look into the next evolutionary chapter of our species. A great read for anyone into science or humanity or just where things are headed. It gets technical at points but Simborg does a great job of making most of it.”

Patricia Gale, BlogCritics

“Simborg takes readers on a fascinating, and often disturbing, investigation of possible scenarios that could bring about the emergence of this next species, which he dubs Homo nouveau.”

“Simborg’s long view of the direction in which humankind is heading is fascinating, but comes with a note of warning. Do Homo sapiens understand how — and with what — we are replacing ourselves?”

US Daily Review

“In his carefully researched book, What Comes After Homo Sapiens? When and How Our Species Will Evolve into Another Species (DWS Publishing, 2017), Don Simborg embarks on such an investigation. He takes a comprehensive look at our human progression, examining how humans evolved up to this point and the evolutionary course we’re likely to take in the future…

“Even more mind-bending is Simborg’s account of how Homo nouveau will likely result from human tinkering with genetic engineering, unconstrained advancement of Artificial Intelligence, or some combination of both.”

“What Comes After Homo Sapiens doesn’t advance a policy or regulatory agenda to reign in new innovation. Instead, it provides an instructive lens by which to view where our technological innovations are possibly leading.”